Mushroom rye grain jar -sterile, spawn, substrate, ready to use
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 Rye grain jars are pre-sterlized and sealed with an injection port and filter in the lid making it easy inoculate using a spore syringe or culture syringe containing an edible species. Rye grain is one of the most common and popular substrates to use as spawn to inoculate bulk substrates for maximum yields. Once the rye grain has colonized with the mushroom species of your choosing, it can be used as spawn to inoculate another substrate known as a "bulk substrate" like shredded straw, compost or manure mixture creating a robust substrate base.

Rye grain is a reliable and easy to use substrate for growing mushrooms and works with almost any edible/exotic strain of mushroom. Start spawning from almost any variety of mushroom with these jars.

Made with organic rye grain (berries).

Contains approximately 750ml of rye grain.

A ratio of 1:2 - 1:3 (rye grain:bulk substrate) is recommended for fast and reliable colonisation.

Dispatched within 3-4 day and sent in discrete plain packaging.

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Mushroom rye grain jar -sterile, spawn, substrate, ready to use

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