Complete mushroom grow kit - glow in the dark!
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Contains everything needed to grow glow in the dark mushrooms. One of the easiest set-ups for amateurs and beginners to experience the wonderful hobby of mycology, no experience necessary as it is very easy to use and contains all that is needed to grow glow in the dark mushrooms with success. Just wait for the growing medium to colonise, place in the humidity tent and wait for the mushrooms to appear - simple as that.

This kit includes 5ml liquid culture of Panellus stipticus, enough to inoculate at least 2 grow pots of any size. Select what size you want and how many grow pots from the drop down menu.

The mycelium of Panellus stipticus is also bioluminescent so your grow pots will glow in the dark even before mushrooms appear - that's what makes this kit different from the log kits available. Not only do you not need to find a log to grow your mushrooms on and then wait for mushroom to grow before you can see anything glow in the dark, this kit contains absolutely everything needed to grow Panellus stipticus and see glow in the dark mycelium within weeks. The grow pot(s) can colonise fully in 2-3 weeks after injecting the liquid culture and so you get to see your grow pot glow in the dark as well as the mushrooms when they appear.

The grow pots in this kit are different from our other grain based grow pots we have listed as these have been supplemented with wood; Panellus stipticus preferred substrate.

Kit contents

  •    2x Sterile grow pots
  •    5ml live liquid culture of Panellus stipticus
  •    Alcohol wipe
  •    Vermiculite
  •    Grow tray
  •    Humidity tent
  •    Easy to follow step by step instructions
  •    Anti-bacterial hand wipe
  •    Gloves (powder and latex free)

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Complete mushroom grow kit - glow in the dark!

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