13mm syringe filters - Luer Lock (autoclave safe, reusable)
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5 x syringe filters with Luer Lock, 13mm diameter, 0.22µm porosity and PTFE filter.

These are 13mm diameter 0.22µm porosity syringe filters with polypropylene housing with PTFE membrane/filter to withstand the high temperature of being autoclaved. They can be used with liquid culture lids to provide filtered air that is 100% contaminant free when extracting from a sealed media jar.

These are comparable to Whatman syringe filters at a fraction of the cost. They are a smaller version of the 25mm filters. Many cultivators prefer a smaller diameter filter for regular jar lids due to the smaller size.


  •     Membrane – PTFE
  •     Polypropylene housing
  •     13mm in diameter
  •     0.22um pore size
  •     Filter area: 0.65cm2
  •     Burst Pressure: 100psi
  •     Retain Volume: 30ul
  •     Autoclave safe
  • Item #: 0018

13mm syringe filters - Luer Lock (autoclave safe, reusable)

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